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quite obviously desires to function as mobile gaming equivalent of Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar's excellent Wild West shooter. With regard to graphics it certainly hits the mark, nevertheless in plenty of other respects it falls painfully short.

The action is essentially a considerable action adventure in which you wander the Wild West plains as a loan gunslinger taking on missions for your money. You might, for example, need to rescue damsels in distress, seek out rogue gangs or simply rid aspects of zombie-like monsters.

The graphics are really stunning, as the game world is quite large and filled up with impressive desert scenery, nicely crafted buildings while in the towns you visit, and detailed character models that are smoothly animated.

Although Six Guns is free to download and play, it does make an effort to constantly push paid upgrades to you and has many nagging notifications. It is possible to finish the amount without having to open your bank account, however this is commonly easier in theory.

That's fair enough, as it’s the standard approach of freemium titles. However, there are two other pursuits that basically bug us about six guns cheats.

Firstly, it lacks any type of story to help keep you engaged using the game. Threw in the towel be absolutely no reason so you might tackle jobs aside from simple fact they enable you to get money. As well as the jobs vary so widely how they often seem totally unconnected together and after a bit lots of the mission become quite samey and repetitive.

Secondly, the control method is horrible. So horrible the truth is it is actually hard to turn your gun slinger around. Gameloft has discovered this during development and added an avid button to change him through 180 degrees, but whilst it helps a little, the controls still often find a way to behave quite erratically, in particular the auto-aim feature.

Six Guns Verdict Six Guns has sumptuous graphics as well as a large gaming world to understand more about, even so the annoying controls and total not enough a plot means it struggles to secure your attention. A pocket form of Red Dead Redemption it most definitely is just not.

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